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Our Services -

Our extensive domain exposure and experience in process management and automation in the Banking and Financial Sector combined with skill sets in business and technology puts us in the best position to provide highly independent and valuable advice to our clients that will help them to:

  • Make the most of what they have
  • Consolidate wherever they can
  • Deliver higher levels of support
  • Install and maintain more complex systems
  • Invest in what is "core" to their business
  • Consider outsourcing what is "context", and
  • Wherever spending is required, assure that the cost is justified and money is spent wisely

    We offer specialist services in the areas of -

  • End-to-end IT Implementation Project management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Documentation of Policies and Procedures
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Delivery Channels

    1. End-to-end IT Implementation Project Management

    Our experience, expertise and strategic resources give us the ability to assess your organisational capabilities and identify gaps in the light of your Business Objectives. Our strength lies in the ability to work with your team throughout the process, from the beginning up to hand-over, and a timely post implementation audit. Typically a start-to-end automation project would include -

  • Study of current operations
  • Development of a Request for Proposal
  • Analysis of vendor responses
  • Gap analysis
  • Selecting Hardware and Software
  • System Implementation

    2. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

    This is undertaken in terms of an agreed focus whether it is the continual re-engineering or the fundamental and radical redesign of the way the business itself is done. In terms of the former all process flows are evaluated, bench marked against best of industry practices and restructured for workflow optimisation. In the latter approach, the BPR is conducted in light of the direction, to be adopted by the organisation in terms of the strategic plan.

    As a part of the process of implementation, we also guide and assist in the change management, which is an integral part of BPR process and is vital to it's successful outcome. We can also assist in refining or in determining and establishing standard measures of evaluating performance such as service quality, speed of service, turnaround time, and cost of service.

    3. Documentation of Policies and Procedures

    Accurate procedure development and clear and flawless documentation of policies are fundamental to effective operations. We can help you in developing "Policies and Procedures" for operations from scratch or even assist you in upgrading and updating an existing document. We identify user's information needs, time constraints and other performance concerns by consulting with users and apply industry standards in documentation. We also ensure that the policies and procedures are compiled in a manner that is easy to understand and use.

    4. Management Information Systems (MIS)

    Our expertise of systems combined with our experience in risk and finance management puts us in the best position to analyse your existing MIS and recommend cost-effective solutions that will meet your unique requirements. This could range from designing the means of collecting data from your distributed systems to actual generation of the MIS reports. The unique suite of MIS would be an optimum balance between simple reports exportable to spreadsheet to sophisticated MIS systems that provide the tools and functionality to cover a host of functions such as projections, 'what if' analysis, automated MIS report generation, etc.

    5. Delivery Channels

    The effectiveness and profitability of the Retail Delivery Channels like the ATMs, Internet Banking, Tele-Banking, Kiosk Banking etc., is only as good as the business strategy that drives the implementation. We can address the needs of any Financial Institution with respect to implementation of state-of-the-art technology and retail delivery products.