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The Strategic Product Focus Area -

The strategic focus of eFINSERVE is in the area of Wealth Management, specifically the development of application software products and services that are required by Distributors and Financial Institutions who are engaged in providing Wealth Management advisory and the distribution of products and services in the Wealth Management space.

As a deliberate strategy, the company has adopted a modular approach in building products around a central core called WealthNET. All products are developed and incorporated in the form of modules, which will enable the Customers of WealthNET to choose and incorporate the modules as per their business requirements. New modules or enhancements to existing modules would be released from time to time, which would either incorporate additional functionality or cater to entirely a new product offering.

The core incorporates the features and components that are common across the suite of products such as the central Customer Information (CIF), Financial Advisory Notes, Security, System Administration, System and Application linked Parameters and Error Management. Every module that forms a part of the system is built to incorporate the fundamental principles of Financial Transaction Management, Security and Audit. If all modules are selected the result is an integrated Wealth Management product.