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WealthNet BRN -
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WealthNET BRN is the Branch module that offers a comprehensive Front End solution for effective and efficient Management of the Distribution of Mutual Funds, Life and General Insurance products and Other Wealth Management products at the branches. In terms of the products there are no restrictions on the companies offering the products and any product defined and structured centrally can and will be available in the branches.

Salient features:

Mutual Funds Transaction Processing
Application capture feature of WealthNET-BRN

  • Handles the capture of all MF financial transactions i.e. Purchase, Redemption, Switch in, Switch out, Transfer in, Transfer out, SWP, SIP and STP.

( Rules relating to specific transactions are also incorporated. For example the SIP transactions is supported by capture of the details of post dated cheques and the set up of corresponding standing instructions to keep track of the future dated purchases, generation of the internal transaction on due date(s) corresponding to the transaction that will be received through the registrar feed, cancellation of future transactions if a cheque is returned etc. are catered to. )

  • Allows the transaction information to be captured on-line and generates a customer receipt.
  • Allows capture of sub-broker/executive etc on each transaction.
  • Performs several on-line validations including the available balance checking for redemptions etc.
  • Provides reconciliation reports on data capture in terms of totals of cheques and applications by schemes, by branch, by controlling branch etc.
  • Supports several error- reporting and handling features.

Mutual Funds Investor Application Tracking and Status

  • The application tracking facility keeps track of the status of each customer application viz. receipt at Branch; transfer of applications to controlling branch; presentation to AMC; receipt of transaction confirmation from the Registrars. System will enable tracking of delays. This will aid in quicker follow-up and resolution.
  • Has a host of in-built validations on customer applications which helps reduce subsequent delays and rejections.
  • Exception Management - Provides detailed exception reports and facilities to manage exception.

Insurance Proposal Processing and Tracking

Insurance Policy Activation and Management

Premium Calculator

Products Comparison

Premium Reminders and Lapsed Policies

Branch MIS, Reports and Enquiries