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WealthNet CORE -
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eFINSERVE has a core product which is common to all the modules and provides for standard features on security, customer definitions, risk profiling, core parameters etc. The core product is an integral offering with any of the other modular products.

Salient features:

Centralised CIF
The ability to maintain customers under a single Customer ID which is automatically generated and unique. The system provides a number of CIF information capture screens including the Customer financials and the ability to capture Advisory notes. Customer Risk Profiling – The ability to structure the organisation’s risk assessment questionnaire on the system to arrive at the risk profile of a customer.

System Security
Defined in terms of User IDs and Passwords in addition to which the user profiles and Groups are also defined. Access controls are easily defined in terms of the menu structures with the ability to restrict access to individual functions as per the roles in the organisation.

User Definable Parameters
A range of system and operational parameters which can be maintained centrally. The system comes with a standard set of parameters which are modifiable as required by the organisation

Sub-Broker/Agent/Executive management
The sub-brokers/Agents/Executives as defined by the organisation can be maintained in the system with their associated customer information.

The various branches of the organisation including the branch hierarchy in terms of regional offices, zonal offices, head office can be maintained in the system.