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WealthNet FDS -
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WealthNET-FDS is the Central Back office module that offers a comprehensive automation solution for effective and efficient Management of the Fixed Deposits/Term Deals Distribution Business.

The product is divided into a central back office system and a branch module which is used to capture the customer deposits/deals

Salient features:

Operational Parameters
Ability to define Banks/Financial Institutes offering Deposits, to define products and Validation Rule governing the Application capture screen, to define Interest Rate Structure, and Penalty Rate Structure.

Application Capture
Handles the capture of all FDS financial transactions i.e. New Deposit, Renewals, Withdrawals, Interest Payments, RD Payments and so on. Validations performed based on the rules defined in the product.

Sales Tracking
The system maintains statistical data and allows the tracking of sales done at a Customer level, Sub- broker/Agent/Executive level, Branch/regional level and consolidated sales.

Interest Calculation
The system supports the capture of Interest rates for all the products. Interest Amount are calculated as a part of End-Of-Day process on a daily accrual basis.

Commission Tracking
The system supports the capture of commission rates for calculation of both Receivable/Payable based on the various methods i.e. Per Application based commissions, Volume based commissions, Marketing Commissions. The rates can be maintained as flat rates including preferential rates or in terms of slab structures. User definable special rates at customer level is also supported. Commission transaction generation is a scheduled feature of the End-of-Day processing based on defined frequencies. A facility to reconcile commissions is also in the road map and would be part of the product offering.

Customer Receipts
The system prints an online customer receipt for any transaction captured in the branch.

MIS Reports, Enquiries, Report Generator and Report Scheduler
One of the strongest features of the system is the flexible report generation facility where selections and grouping are user defined on almost all the reports. Scheduling of specified reports on defined frequencies is also supported.