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WealthNet IPO -
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WealthNET-IPO is the Web based module that offers a comprehensive automation solution for effective and efficient Management of Public Issues.

Salient features:

Operational Parameters
Ability to define IPO products (new Issues) and operating rules for validations on the capture screens.

Application Capture
Comprehensive application capture screen with ability to process them in batches. Applications are validated for input errors against basic rule set in product definition.

Commission Tracking
The system supports the capture of commission rates for calculation of both Receivable/Payable based on the various methods i.e. Application Processing Fee, Volume based (Mobilization) etc.

Customer Receipts
The system prints an online customer receipt for any transaction captured in the branch.

Application Tracking
The application tracking facility to keep track of the status of each investor application viz. alloted/rejected by taking input from an external file.

MIS Reports, Enquiries, Report Generator and Report Scheduler
One of the strongest features of the system is the flexible report generation facility where selections and grouping are user defined on almost all the reports. Scheduling of specified reports on defined frequencies is also supported.