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WealthNet MFD -
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WealthNET-MFD is the Central Back office module that offers a comprehensive automation solution for effective and efficient Management of the Mutual Fund Distribution Business, allowing the Mutual Fund Distributor (MFD) to stay focused on the Marketing effort and Market Share. This module caters to the centralised back office functions of the Distribution business.

Salient features:

Operational Parameters
Ability to define AMCs, Registrars and mutual fund operational parameters Defining Schemes and Fact sheets The various schemes on offer are defined in the system along with the fact sheet information such as entry/exit loads, dividend options, scheme sectors, AMC investment information such as the investment holdings etc., pertaining to the schemes.

Registrar Feed(s) Processing
The system is user configurable for new Registrars, new feeds and any changes to existing feed structures. The system currently supports the Customer Information feed, NAV feed and Transaction feed from all the registrars.

Registrar Feed reconciliation with Branch captured transactions
The system provides for the reconciliation of transactions captured in the branches with the registrar feed transactions to identify the mismatches and for matched transactions stamp some of missing registrar information with the information captured in the branch.

Sales Tracking
The system maintains statistical data and allows the tracking of sales done at a Customer level, Sub- broker/Agent/Executive level, Branch/regional level and consolidated sales. The capture of Budgetary data is in the road map and once delivered will allow the organisation to capture the budgetary data and evaluate the variances with the actuals.

Commission Tracking
The system supports the capture of commission rates for calculation of both Receivable/Payable based on the various methods i.e. Upfront, turnover basis, 1st Year Trail, 2nd Year Trail, volume commissions etc. For trail commissions it supports various methods such as the average NAV basis or Original investment price. The rates can be maintained as flat rates including preferential rates or in terms of slab structures. User definable special rates at customer level is also supported. Commission transaction generation is a scheduled feature of the End-of-Day processing based on defined frequencies. A facility to reconcile commissions is also in the road map and would be part of the product offering.

Branch Transaction capture
Handles the capture of all MF financial transactions i.e. Purchase, Redemption, Switch in, Switch out, SWP, SIP and STP. For Systematic Plans, post dated cheques/withdrawals/Switches are captured and corresponding standing instructions generated to keep track of the future dated purchases/redemptions/switches. All product and transaction validations are supported.

Customer Receipts
The system prints an online customer receipt for any transaction captured in the branch.

Application Tracking
The application tracking facility keeps track of the status of each customer application viz. receipt at Branch; presentation to AMC; receipt of transaction confirmation from the Registrars. System will enable tracking of delays which aids in quicker follow-up and resolution.

MIS Reports, Enquiries, Report Generator and Report Scheduler
One of the strongest features of the system is the flexible report generation facility where selections and grouping are user defined on almost all the reports. Scheduling of specified reports on defined frequencies is also supported.