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To Leverage -

On existing and emerging technology, products and services in the Banking / Financial industry.
To Provide -
Integrated Financial Applications and Products in the area of Wealth Management & Value Added Consultancy which creates customer specific solutions.
To Enable -
Customers to maximize return on investment (ROI) through cost minimization, creation of competitive advantage and value maximization.

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  Vision -

We see information service and technology as leading the world to a positive lasting progress and improvement in performance. We believe that the technological and organizational changes that we see today are opportunities for success.

Financial Services Companies constantly encounter rapidly evolving business and changing technology dynamics on an ongoing basis. Business is confronted with issues such as the automation of processes, wider expansion, changes to governmental rules and regulations, market place dynamics and technological advances.

Our extensive experience and unique skill sets in the business and technology aspects faced by Financial Services Companies puts us in the best position to provide highly independent and valuable advice to our clients. At eFINSERVE, we assist Financial Services companies develop a strategic plan that is scalable and easy to implement. We help our customers with re-engineering of processes, re-design product and also Internet site design.

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  Product Focus -

The financial services industry is undergoing significant transformation that is creating both opportunities and challenges for financial institutions. This transformation is driven by a number of market factors including deregulation, convergence, globalization, and the growth of online financial services.

Significant changes in the process of financial intermediation and Wealth Management is inevitable. New products and services and more efficient management of the distribution methods to deliver such products and services will have to follow. A key component of the Distribution business will be the ability to deliver good and timely advisory.

The strategic focus of eFINSERVE is in the area of Wealth Management, specifically the development of application software products and services that are required by Distributors and Financial Institutions who are engaged in providing Wealth Management advisory and the distribution of products and services in the Wealth Management space.

eFINSERVE's products and services help financial institutions adopt customer-centric strategies that help them identify, attract, and retain profitable customers. With WealthNET, financial institutions can enhance service levels and business processes to increase their market share.

As a deliberate strategy, we have adopted a modular approach in building products around a central core called WealthNET. All products are developed and incorporated in the form of modules, which will enable the Customers of WealthNET to choose and incorporate the modules as per their business requirements. New modules or enhancements to existing modules would be released from time to time, which would either incorporate additional functionality or cater to entirely a new product offering.

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